Love letter to my girlfriend

You are everything to me! I love you so deeply I’d struggle to even explain it. You are my rock and my light and everything. You’re amazing. I look at you like you hung the stars in the night sky, and to me, you did.

I felt blind before I met you. You opened my eyes. You showed me what love can be like.

I know we aren’t perfect. In some ways, we’re quite different. But we make it work. Thank God we make it work.

I wouldn’t be alive without you. (That’s not just because you’ve quite literally saved my skin multiple times.) I just love you so so much.

I know teenage love doesn’t always last. But I hope ours does.

I want to love you and hold you and build snowmen together and kiss the snowflakes off your cheeks in the winter and remind you that I adore you with every single ounce and fibre of my being. If I didn’t believe in God, you’d be the thing I worship.

You know I tell you I love you every day. I send you sweet sappy little tiktoks and you send me ones back of some guy doing a weird dance.

I love you for that. I love when I kiss you or tell you I love you that you sort of blush and clam up. I love you for that.

I love you for all the freckles on your cheeks. I love you for your laugh. I love you for everything you do.

I know you aren’t ready to say I love you out loud yet. But you make sure I know you love me. And I love you for that.

God, I’d wait a thousand years and a thousand lifetimes for you. Because I love you.

I often imagine the future. The one we’ve talked about together. A nice little house. Two kids. Maybe a dog and a cat. A house that’s us. A living, breathing functioning home full of so much love. Not one like mine right now. I hold that future close to my heart every hour of the day. I want it so deeply.

I imagine our prom one day. You in the suit you always wanted. Me in a pretty dress you love. (Let’s not match though – that’s a bit cringe.) I want to dance with you even though we both have two left feet. I want to kiss you in front of everyone and let them all know I’m yours and you’re mine. And hold you close to me.

(This letter was sent to the website’s email by Alex for her girlfriend. Alex wrote “Yesterday, I was in my car on the way to school. And I was thinking about my girlfriend. Our life. I love her. Here’s what I came up with.” If you want to share a story or write a love letter for someone, send an email to [email protected] or via the Contact page.)